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After joining the association, I was given a credible background that helped me introduce myself in a professional way. I was given a framed certification that I have on my website and facebook page that allows people to see that I take my work seriously and want to be addressed in the professional world with integrity.


I feel belonging to this association gives me that not only on my website but when I am able to mention it to clients. I am very proud to be a founding member. I have had more interest in the white light healings that I do, more bookings for my energy space clearing services, and I get more referrals from others as well as positive reviews and mentions through social media and locally in my town.


Of all the chances I have taken in moving forward in my work, becoming a member of the NAPH is one I am truly happy about. –Sally Jo, Rio Rancho, NM


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Wendy De Rosa, Co-Founder

National Association of Professional Healers


Wendy is an international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. She offers education and training programs for spiritual and personal growth to thousands of people and has filmed two programs for the MindValley spiritual growth channel Soulvana. She is also a faculty member of The Shift Network and a best selling author.


NAPH is the world leader in healing providing a global community where every member can actualize their full potential and make their greatest impact and contribution to the world. Through our live summits, monthly webinars, online training, and online community, NAPH is changing energy by creating success through global impact.


Belonging to NAPH has presented me the opportunity to advertise membership in my practice. This adds a level of credibility when added to my Canadian Reiki membership.


I look forward to the ability to find discounts on insurance premiums for US clients. I also look forward to the planned conference in the fall to network and spend time with others in healing practices.


Ontario, Canada

I felt very alone and a little lost without any supportive presence to uplift the legitimacy of healers and their work in the world. I didn't know where to look or turn to for information or connection. After becoming a member of NAPH, I finally felt supported! I had access to information for professional and personal growth, access to affordable liability insurance, and also additional credibility and community to help elevate and expand my practice to the next level. 


Since I've become a Lotus Member, I've had the most amazing experience and opportunity to work with other healers and a healing school that has expanded not only my practice in my community, but also my personal growth as a healer. It has been truly amazing! 


Allow yourself to take the opportunity to become a part of a beautiful community of healers that are uplifting the legitimacy for legislative and regulatory action that is needed in our country. Be a part of the change!


St Petersburg, Florida

My biggest challenge was finding a network of like-minded people and getting support to grow my business. I felt overwhelmed and not sure how I could practice my gifts out in the world.


I began to feel more confident in what I had to offer and grounded knowing that collectively we can help more people. Leading a regional chapter broadens my outlook on how many different healing modalities are out there and how we are really here to serve and help each other.


Boulder, Colorado

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