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Energy healing modalities are some of the oldest forms of wellness tools and medicine. The field of energy healing has evolved to the mainstream through modalities such as reiki, intuitive energy healing, healing touch, shamanism, and more. Unlike therapy programs, degrees, and training, the field of energy healing is not an accredited field and many healers learn from teacher to student, books, workshops, trainings and personal practice.


Energy medicine started in the late 1980s and was defined by the National Institutes of Health in the 1990s. Energy Medicine is a word coined by three researchers who gathered at Boulder, Colorado, USA in the late 1980s. This is defined as any energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to bring back homeostasis in the organism. Meanwhile, in the late 1990s, the National Institutes of Health, the official arm of health policy and implementation in the United States of America defined areas within Complementary and Alternative Medicine through five subdivisions. They are: 1. Mind–Body Medicine, 2. Biologically based practices, 3. Energy Medicine, 4. Manipulative and Body-based practices, and 5. Whole Medical Systems. While these divisions are not arbitrary, it is still breaking up a holistic area into disparate entities. At the core of all this is the concept of subtle energy, which seems to sustain and promote life processes in the biological system.


What types of energies could be considered relevant to energy medicine?

There are four basic types of energies enumerated in Physics; they are strong and weak forces at the nuclear level, gravitational, and electromagnetic forces. Of these, electromagnetic (or, its equivalent, acoustic) is the only one that is easily manipulated at the present time. Acoustic energy could be transformed into electromagnetic or vice versa through a material property known as piezoelectricity. Many tissues of the body are known to be piezoelectric; hence, any electromagnetic input to the body is transformed into acoustic and any acoustic input could be transformed into electromagnetic energy. Thus, the body is bathed in both electromagnetic and acoustic energies of various frequencies and intensities.[1,2]


How are different types of energies measured in the body?

Indirect measurement of subtle energy in the body is possible through certain physiological correlates that are emerging. Instruments to measure acupuncture activity and electrical discharge photography popularly known as Kirlian photography are the two main contenders for subtle energy monitoring. Acupuncture instruments are based on the observation that acupuncture points have special electrical characteristics; the points have lower resistance to electrical current flow as compared to the surrounding tissues. As each meridian is associated with one or more organs inside the body, the electrical activity of the acupoint seems to be related to the organ function. In the second kind of instrument, based on Kirlian photography, a high voltage, low current is applied to the finger pads. The colorful discharge that is observed is analyzed in a computer and is related to organ function.


Energy ‘medicine’ is quickly becoming a very definite and distinct tool to be used to move people from states of dis-ease to wellness! But there’s a little problem with being in a field that is emerging: the lack of communication with others is a very lonely road.


How is NAPH supporting Energy Healers?

As more and more people are waking up to their gift of intuition and feeling the call to be a Healer, more healers are entering the field. NAPH has been created to help provide ethical standards, scopes of practice, certifications, education, and member benefits for professional healers who provide legitimacy in their expertise and sets them apart as legitimate in the field of healing work. More important on a personal level, NAPH provides like-minded individuals the opportunity to make close friendships, discuss business healing protocols with those who understand the exact nature of what they are doing, and network at events that massively impact one’s professional income and growth.


It’s time for all Energy practitioners to join together, network and fast forward what we do. It’s time to share our knowledge amongst ourselves to advance our profession. This is what the National Association of Professional Healers is all about. Come and join us in this noble pursuit!


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